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Product Ranges:

  • Plant Growth Promoters
  • Bio - Pesticides
  • Organic Concentrates
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Sales and Marketing:

We have very strong and dedicated marketing Team all over Tamil Nadu & Kerala. Regional offices available at Chennai, Coimbatore, Salem, Trichy and Theni to take care of sales & marketing.

Bionest delivers Products to farmers through more than 500 Distributors & Dealers across the state. Bionest channels educate farmers about the use of Organic agro inputs in modern agriculture to save environment.

C&F Agents:
Bionest ensures the timely supply of products to its customer by operating C&F in major locations. ( Chennai, Vellore, Trichy, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli, Theni )

Extension Services:
Bionest is having well trained customer service executives to demonstrate the usage of its own products in the farmer’s field. Through customer service executives Bionest transfers new modern agricultural technologies to farmers by Field Visits, Campaign, Demonstrations and Literatures.

Our Products - Commited to strengthen your agricultural land

Product 1


is a biologically synthesized plant growth promoter. It contains various essential Amino acids, Enzymes, Hormones, Proteins, Micronutrients and Sea weed extracts.

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Product 2


is an Anti viral herbal extract which also acts as an Anti-Viral immune modulator. It gives complete resistance against all viral diseases of plants. It improves quality of produce.

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Product 3


is a Humic Acid based bio growth stimulant. Humidrop is composed of Humi Acid, Fulvic acid, Heterogeneous micture of hormones, enzymes and other bio molecules for the soil.

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Product 4


is a wetting and spreading agent. Lipstick reduces the surface tension of spray liquid and allows easy spread of pesticides into the plant system. It can be mixed with any pesticide while spraying.

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