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Prozyme is a biologically synthesized plant growth promoter. It contains various essential Amino acids, Enzymes, Hormones, Proteins, Micronutrients and Sea weed extracts.

Prozyme is derived from advanced bio technological fermentation process. Prozyme regulates the synthesis of Auxins, Cytokinins and Gibbrellins in the plants. Prozyme improves the metabolic activities of the whole plant system and plays vital role in new cell formation and cell multiplication.



  • Vigorous vegetative growth of plants by increasing photosynthetic activity

  • Better absorption of water and plant nutrients from the soil.

  • Improves flower initiation and flowering

  • Better fruit setting and fruit formation

  • Prevents flower and fruit shedding

  • Imparts tolerance to stress in the plant system

  • Improves quality of produce by uniform size, shape and color.

  • Increases the yield in all crops.

  • Recommended Crops:

    Field Crops, Horticultural cops and plantation crops.



Prozyme can be applied directly on crops by using a dilution of 2ml per litre of water.


The dosage and spray volume will vary with spraying equipment and crop stage.


Prozyme Granules:

Prozyme is also available in granular form for soil application.



Application rate is 5-8 kg per acre based on crop and crop stage.















Prozyme- Granular Form

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