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Humidrop is a Humic Acid based bio growth stimulant. Humidrop is composed of Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Heterogeneous mixture of hormones, Enzymes and other bio molecules. Humidrop plays vital role in all biosynthetic activities in the plant system. Humidrop helps in the formation of various amino acids and proteins which are essential for all metabolic activities of the plants.


How it helps ?

  • Helps in most utilization of water and nutrient by plants.

  • Increases the chlorophyll synthesis, resulting in vigorous plant growth.

  • Improves the microbial activities in the soil.

  • Improves the root hair formation and root development.

  • Better flower initiation.

  • Increases the flowering and fruiting.

  • Increases the yield and improves the quality of produce.

  • Recommended Crops:

    Field Crops, Horticultural cops and plantation crops.



Humidrop can be applied directly on crops by using a dilution of 2ml per litre of water.

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